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Health Maintenance Services

Animal Medical Center of Jefferson City

Animal Medical Center of Jefferson City is a full-service animal hospital staffed by skilled, compassionate and caring individuals that place your pet's health first and foremost. We offer diagnostic services via an in-house laboratory, a surgical suite with state-of-the-art anesthetic and monitoring technology, advanced orthopedic surgical systems and an intensive care unit. When you bring your pet to Animal Medical Center of Jefferson City, you will also be giving your pet access to a wide range of health maintenance services, including treatment for eye disorders, allergy and dermatology treatment, along with nutrition counseling and prescription diets.

We consistently strive to provide you and your pet with the best possible medical service in a caring atmosphere.

Internal Veterinary Medicine in Jefferson City

Animal Medical Center of Jefferson City offers a broad range of veterinary services to best protect your pet's health and overall well-being. While we focus on quality healing and preventive care, you can also rely on the hospital's skilled and compassionate medical team when your pet is sick. To that end, an important part of the hospital's practice is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that can affect your pet's internal organs and body systems.

All of the veterinarians at Animal Medical Center of Jefferson City are experienced in diagnosing and treating complex internal medicine cases such as kidney, heart, respiratory, immune-mediated and endocrine diseases.

Animal Medical Center of Jefferson City

Allergy Testing

If your young pet has made it to two-years-old without showing any signs of allergies to foods or inhaled irritants like dust or pollen, that doesn't necessarily mean he or she will never suffer from any. Unfortunately, allergies are common in dogs of all breeds and backgrounds and typically don't appear until a pet is more than two-years-old.

Fleas are the most common culprits when it comes to pet allergies. Not all pets are allergic to fleas, but those who are will experience an intense, itch-producing reaction when the flea's saliva is deposited into the skin. For cats and dogs, the area most commonly involved is over the rump or base of the tail.

It is important to be able to identify the first signs and symptoms of allergies and dermatological conditions in your pet. These include:

  • Bumps, crusts or pus filled vesicles on the skin
  • Head shaking
  • Increased skin pigmentation
  • Loss of hair
  • Red, raised, scaly areas on the skin
  • Salivary staining (brown color)
  • Scratching, licking, chewing or biting the skin, feet and ears
  • Thickened skin

Other common allergy symptoms include respiratory distress, such as coughing, sneezing, and wheezing, or digestive problems causing vomiting, flatulence or diarrhea.

If your pet exhibits any of these symptoms, please make an appointment to have him or her seen at Animal Medical Center of Jefferson City. Dr. Boyer has advanced training in dermatology and can test your pet for a variety of allergies. If left untreated, allergic reactions and skin conditions can become serious medical concerns.

Animal Medical Center of Jefferson City

Nutrition Counseling for Your Pet

Just like humans, pets require proper nutrition and plenty of fresh, clean water to live the healthiest lives possible. As a caregiver, ensuring that your pet's nutritional needs are met is the most significant health variable you control. Proper nutrition is an essential ingredient for your pet's overall good health.

The veterinarians at Animal Medical Center of Jefferson City recommend diets based on the individual patient's needs. We perform a thorough body-condition evaluation during every physical examination and give recommendations based on what we see. We can also provide you with important information on proper serving size, nutrient needs, and feeding strategies for your individual pet to help prevent over or under feeding your companion. We carry Hills Science Diet, Hills Prescription Diets and Royal Canin Veterinary Diets, and are happy to help you navigate pet food claims so that you can make the most informed choices.

Prescription Diets

Some pets have serious nutritional challenges or chronic conditions that benefit from a special diet. When that is the case, we may recommend feeding a special prescription diet. Making this change can have a significant positive impact on your pet's overall health and well-being. Prescription diets benefit medical conditions such as liver disease, bladder and kidney disease, digestive problems, renal failure, food allergies, diabetes, and more.

Animal Medical Center of Jefferson City carries Hill's Prescription Diets and Royal Canin Veterinary Diets.